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Laura Ingalls Wilder

When I was a tad younger, I read all of the Little House on the Prairie books, and was instantaneously in love with Laura and her life.

I cried, and laughed, and rejoiced along with her… after I finished the books, I read The Rose Years, Laura’s daughter’s life. I enjoyed them, but was definitely disappointed she never got married to Paul, her childhood friend.

Soon, I was reading The Caroline Years, which were so much fun! I still haven’t been able to finish that series, because I can’t get my hands on the last book…

Happy reading!

My question for You: What are you currently reading?




I am a young girl in my teen years, pushing through life with the help and encouragement of my family and friends. But more than that, the Lord God is before me creating a path for me to follow. This blog shows my struggles and victories in life, the things I love or dislike. I hope you enjoy browsing through my blog. Before you leave, I hope you understand more fully how much the Lord Almighty means to me.

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