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I am a Nerd

C. S. Lewis
This is a crochet/craft quote.
Check the comments below to see my current art project on “Does Genius Burn?”

My question for You: What do you nerd out over?




I am 16. I blog for God. I love crafts. I adore music. I am homeschooled. I like lots of other things. I hope you enjoy my blog!

15 thoughts on “I am a Nerd

    1. In my mind, ‘nerd out over’ can qualify as anything. There are many things that I ‘nerd out over’, but there are the main things that stand out in my daily life…

      Does that answer your question?


      1. I think. So I guess it’s pretty much anything that one strongly likes, takes an interest in more than in most other things.
        I guess for me it’s books/reading, music, lions, writing, black tea. Those might just be considered strong interests but that’s the closest to ‘nerding out over’ for me. :]

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