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Book Haul!

Hello, lovely readers! My 16th birthday just recently passed, and I thought I would share with y’all the amazing books I acquired over that time. 😉

1. These first two are the 2nd and 3rd books in a series called Mark of the Thief, by Jennifer A. Nielsen. I have read the first book, but I have it on my Kindle. I need to buy that one on paper sometime soon, but I got these two with a gift card a wonderful friend of mine gave me. 🙂

2. If you have been following me for a while, you know that I have a deep respect for J. R. R. Tolkien’s work. If you have just found my corner of the internet (welcome, friend!), I LOVE J. R. R. TOLKIEN’S WORK!!! My dad took me to a book store for my birthday, and I picked these books out. 🙂 I have read The Silmarillion, but I wanted to own it, and I know I will definitely be reading it again sometime. The rest I have not read, but I am super excited to read them!!! (After I finish my current read The Fellowship of the Ring…)

That is all I have for you today!!! Thank you for sticking with me all the way down to the bottom of this relatively long and lengthy drawn out post that I just posted on my blog on the internet. Have a wonderful amazing day, friends!

My question for You: What would you do if a monkey was in your home?




I am a young girl in my teen years, pushing through life with the help and encouragement of my family and friends. But more than that, the Lord God is before me creating a path for me to follow. This blog shows my struggles and victories in life, the things I love or dislike. I hope you enjoy browsing through my blog. Before you leave, I hope you understand more fully how much the Lord Almighty means to me.

4 thoughts on “Book Haul!

  1. – Great book haul. I actually have some of the same books as shown above: “The Silmarillion”; “The Return of the Shadow”; “The End of the Third Age” but I’ve not read “the Return of…” or “The end of…” yet. I’ll get around to reading them hopefully sooner than later.
    – I’d like to get my hands on “The Legend of Sigurd and Gudrún” and “Unfinished Tales of Numenor and Middle-earth” someday.
    -Regarding the monkey question: catch monkey, call animal control, see if it has an owner, and most importantly: prevent it from getting to any of my books 🙂

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    1. I have begun “Unfinished Tales of Numenor and Middle-earth”, but have not been able to get very far thus far.

      That is a good way to take care of the monkey issue. And yes… stay away from my books! 😁


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