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Come One, Come All!

I am going to be doing a series of posts for the first five days of March.

This is an interactive series, so please, please, please comment below!

I will be asking questions, giving my own answer, and then you can give your answer!

There may be weird, quirky questions, so be prepared!


  • What is one thing in your life that you will feel forever guilty for, even when it wasn’t necessarily your fault?


  • I am just thinking right now of work… I wash dishes most of the time at my job, and the other day I broke a teapot… 😬 … the reason it wasn’t really my fault was because it was a really old one, and would have broken for anyone else, but I still feel guilty for it.

You may answer this question however you want, big or small, it doesn’t matter!

I hope to see you all in the comments!

My question for You: I already asked a question above, so I am not going to ask another one. 😄




I am 16. I blog for God. I love crafts. I adore music. I am homeschooled. I like lots of other things. I hope you enjoy my blog!

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