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My Name

I was asked what the meaning of my name Étain is, so I thought I would give an explanation here!

It is an Irish name, and the meaning of it is jealousy. I know. It’s kinda weird.

There is an interesting story behind my name, so here it is!

What is really funny is that I have a group of friends, and we were giving each other Marvel nicknames, and I ended up donning the name Scarlet Witch/Wanda Maximoff. Do you see the connection…?

Scarlet Witch… scarlet fly… get it? 😃

That is the story behind my name! I am actually part Irish, so that is why that is my name. I really like the Irish culture and such, even though I don’t know much about it. 🙂

My question for You: What is the meaning of your name, if you don’t mind sharing?




I am a young girl in my teen years, pushing through life with the help and encouragement of my family and friends. But more than that, the Lord God is before me creating a path for me to follow. This blog shows my struggles and victories in life, the things I love or dislike. I hope you enjoy browsing through my blog. Before you leave, I hope you understand more fully how much the Lord Almighty means to me.

12 thoughts on “My Name

  1. That was quite an interesting story behind your name. I was always curious about it 😊 My name means God’s grace but I leave the ‘Dainty’ part to the dictionary 😉 Nice blog Etain! 😃

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  2. – My name’s probably the easiest to know the meaning of:
    – Meaning: Conqueror, Winner, Victor, victorious.
    – “Meaning & History:
    Roman name meaning “victor, conqueror” in Latin. It was common among early Christians, and was borne by several early saints and three popes. It was rare as an English name during the Middle Ages, but it was revived in the 19th century. A famous bearer was the French writer Victor Hugo (1802-1885), who authored ‘The Hunchback of Notre Dame’ and ‘Les Misérables’.”
    -There are many variations of the name’s spelling, depending on country/language, but the meaning remains the same.

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      1. -I like the name’s connection to Christianity.
        -It also serves me as a reminder of the greatest Victor and my relationship to and with Him.
        -The greatest Victor who ever walked the Earth and will return again to take His family Home is Jesus Christ, of course, who is the Victor over death/the grave and sin and Hell and the devil and the world, the Incomparable Victor, the Victor without rival, the Deathless Conqueror/Victor, the ever-reigning King of kings and Lord of lords.
        -We are more than conquerors/victors through Him who strengthens us.
        He is the only Victor through Whom we may obtain any real victory over anything at all in this life.
        Apart from Him we can do nothing that has any lasting or eternal value but with Him, abiding in Him, we can do all things through Him who strengthens us to do all that God calls us to do, His will and commandments. We are dependent upon His sustaining power every moment of our lives.

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  3. Thank you for posting your name meaning, Etain 🙂 Lovely meaning and story ❤
    I am Jacqueline, named after Jacqueline Kennedy. Here is the name information:
    Jacqueline comes from French, as the feminine form of Jacques (English James). Jacques originated from 'Jacob', which is derived from the Hebrew meaning 'may God protect' or 'supplanter'.
    Supplanter refers to a person who replaces someone or thing of lesser value, and this Hebrew meaning refers to Jacob supplanting Esau as recorded in the Hebrew Bible. 'May God protect' has a more positive connotation and is therefore the preferred meaning for the name.
    Jacqueline was first used in the United Kingdom in the 17th century.

    My Dad's name was James.

    Hope you are having a marvelous day 🙂

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