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LOTR Characters – The Books vs. The Movies – Aragorn

Click here to see Part 1 and click here to see Part 2 of LOTR Characters – The Books vs. The Movies.


I personally love Viggo Mortenson’s way of bringing out Aragorn’s character. I suppose it could become better, but I wouldn’t want to replace him with anyone else.

In the book, Aragorn is the silent type, often drawing into his ranger self, and then suddenly evolving into the mighty king that he is!

In the movie, he is very much similar. There are a few things that happen differently, but I almost feel like I can’t discuss them properly, as I need to completely refresh my mind with the books (I have only just finished The Fellowship).

Aragorn is a rough weather worn man, typically keeping to himself in his travels. But beneath all of that, he is very caring, and a loyal friend.

What are your views of Aragorn—in the books or the movies?

My question for You: If you could choose when you wanted to die, would you? Or would you rather let time play out as it should?




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