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My “Naughty” Breakfast

Today I am going to do something a little different. I am going to give a recipe to one of my “naughty” breakfasts.

Honestly, it’s one of my favorites, but it is definitely not good for you on a daily basis.

I suppose I shall begin!

  1. Begin with hard boiled eggs. These eggs had been hard boiled a day before, hence the writing on them.

    2. Cut our hard boiled eggs in half.

    3. Scoop your eggs out with a spoon and put them in a bowl.

    4. Cut your eggs into smaller pieces.

    5. Add some mayonnaise.

    6. A little bit of mustard.

    7. Mix that up and add some salt.

    8. Toast some bread.

    9. Butter your toast.

    10. Plop some of your egg salad onto the toast!

And that is it, friends!

I eat hard boiled eggs a lot, because fried aren’t my favorite, and I do like scrambled, but boiling eggs is really easy and really fast when I need a quick breakfast. I usually eat the eggs just as they are with a piece of toast, but this is how I sometimes do it. 🙂

My question for You: What is your “naughty” breakfast?




I am a young girl in my teen years, pushing through life with the help and encouragement of my family and friends. But more than that, the Lord God is before me creating a path for me to follow. This blog shows my struggles and victories in life, the things I love or dislike. I hope you enjoy browsing through my blog. Before you leave, I hope you understand more fully how much the Lord Almighty means to me.

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