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LOTR Characters – the Books vs. the Movies – Legolas

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Now… let us begin with Part 4!


As a young girl, Legolas was my favorite in LOTR. Not for the reasons you may suspect. I thought his skill with the bow and agility were amazing. Never once did I think about his good looks (in the movie)!

I soon learned that most people didn’t understand, “My favorite character is Legolas!” coming from the mouth of a 12-13 year-old girl, and that girl not actually having a crush on him.

I watched the movie with a group, and as soon as Legolas appeared in The Fellowship, all of the girls began “Ooing” and “Ahing”. I decided after that that I needed to pick a different favorite character. 😂

Please remember that all that is said is only my opinion. Please do not take offense to anything I say. If I ever state something as fact that is truly false, feel free to let me know!

Legolas in the books… I feel like he is somewhat of he comedic relief, but he also is a very serious character. In the movies, he sticks more on the serious melancholy side. I also feel like you don’t often hear a lot coming from him, and then when he says something, you’re kind of left thinking, “Wait… where did he come from?”

There a few things in the books that Legolas does that make me want to laugh out loud. For example…

  1. When they are crossing the Mines of Moria, and they are just beginning to climb the Bridge of Khazad Dûm. Legolas turns, looks into the flames of fire with his far-seeing elf eyes, and exclaims, “Oy!”
  2. When the Fellowship is climbing Caradhras, and then they decide to turn back, as the weather is too difficult to beat, Aragorn and Boromir begin drifting through the snow, shoving it aside, and having a difficult time of it. Meanwhile, Legolas jumps to his feet, and bounds over the snow with elf-like agility, hardly leaving a foot print and leaving Aragorn and Boromir behind.

Either way, I love Legolas in the Lord of the Rings Trilogy, both movies and books. It seems to me that you are almost more able to build a relationship with him in the movies, though. He is not as pivotal a character in the books… maybe.

Let me know what you think in the comments!

My question for You: Would you ever want to be an elf?