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Spanish Homework

Last Spanish year, I wrote a little story in Spanish (with the translation below) for my class.

It’s not an amazing story, but I think it’s good enough for a beginner in Spanish!


What do you think? 😄

My question for You: Do you enjoy learning new languages, and which would you most like to learn?


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In Memory of Mitzy

This may be a bit emotional for me to write, so I apologize if I seem to be over-dramatic, or anything.

My 11 year-old cat named Mitzy died this last Monday. She had been slowly losing strength over the past year, and had two tumors that we knew of. There was nothing we could do except for comfort and love her.

She never seemed to be in much pain, but always as energetic as she could be, and happy.

It felt like a bad dream all day when she finally passed. I had a hard time looking at her, but finally knelt to pet my beloved girl.

She was the first pet that I have had die in my life. I have been rather emotional all week, remembering her every time I look at her toys, pictures, and favorite hideouts.

Even though this has been very difficult for me and my family, God has placed death in our world for a purpose.

Many non-believers or newly converted Christians ask why suffering exists, and why would a loving God bring us pain?

Here is my answer: Suffering produces character. If we had perfect lives and nothing bad ever happened to us, how would we learn to grow in the hard situations?

Even though I miss my cat, I know I couldn’t have held on to her forever, and that my character will improve with this loss if I chose to let it do so.

This is in memory of my cat, Mitzy.

My question for You: What do you sometimes take for granted that you would miss once gone?


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Spread the Friendliness

I don’t know if I’ve ever discussed this topic, but here we go!


You love ‘em, you hate ‘em.

I have many acquaintances, but I only have a few real friends. I am a very picky person. When I let someone into my heart, they have to be a very special person. I try not to get too attached to people because I’ve been hurt before. But sometimes you just have to throw yourself out there!

As I’m getting older, I notice how I seem to be falling into a pattern. I stick with “my group”. I don’t leave people out purposefully, but sometimes teenagers read too much into things.

Over the past year, I’ve been trying to reach out to more than I usually do, going beyond my comfort zone. A lot of people don’t realize how introverted I am when we meet. I can be very outgoing and friendly, but it is exhausting!

Another thing I have been doing is reaching out to old friends that I haven’t seen or talked to in a long time, trying to pick that up as much as I can, or just let them know that I care about them.

So as the holidays come, and everyone is encouraging the holiday cheer, why don’t you reach out to someone who could use some friendliness?

Go out of your way a little bit to make someone happy, even if it is only a smile as you walk past.

I understand this is what many other people talk about, but that just means it is important.

God bless, all.

My question for You: What is your favorite thing about December?


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A Girl Named Rowan

I looove to write short stories, and I’ve written quite a few, but I’ve been afraid to share them publicly.

  1. I don’t want my work to be used by someone else and
  2. I don’t know if my stories are that good, so….

But here I am anyway, about to share one. This is my original work with original art by a good friend of mine.

Without further ado, I️ present RowanOnce upon a time, there lived a… no, that’s how all stories start. Let’s try something new.A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away… wait… that’s already been used as well. Hm…The sun rose. Birds chirped. Grass waved as an early breeze blew across a distant meadow… So this is what a beautiful morning looks like? Let’s add more.The colorfully arranged sky glistened as the sun woke up from its nap. Birds sang a song of awakening upon the dawn. A fresh, cool breeze, full of meaning and adventure; playfulness and energy, blew gently across a quiet, peaceful meadow. That’s better. Now, all stories need a main character. How should ours look? Long brown hair… no. Short auburn hair. Yes, I like that. A tall girl, with short auburn hair stood in the meadow, breathing in the morning breeze, feeling it play with the ends of her hair.She was born fifteen summers ago, on this very day. Her purple blue eyes, what some might call periwinkle, sparkled as they watched her best friend rising into the sky, with arms stretched outwards. Her slim cut figure was a perfect silhouette against the gold embodiment of her friend. Any traveling stranger might think her an angel. But oh! how she almost was one! The sweet genteel face, full of reverie and grace. This poor forgotten child, full of promise, and good faith. How she could help the world, if only she was given the chance… but her fate had not yet come. Nor did she know how soon it would come…“Good morning, Mr. Sun,” she said, speaking in a sweet tone. Her friend smiled gaily back upon her, waving his arms in return. Now we need a name… Nina? Mikka? Donna? Ooh! I have one. Ahem. This sweet girl of fifteen summers, with the world before her; in the reach of her grasp, if only she would… this sweet girl… Rowan is her name, how much she could do for us all! Why does this world not see the beauty and masterpieces that are before them, but strive after worldly things, and the favor of those who don’t really matter in our lives? See this girl… Rowan, and see the beauty; the perfection of her soul. See her. But everyone has their faults, including Rowan. But we will not dwell on these attributes of her, but leave that for you to decide and see. Hope you enjoyed that… 😬 I wrote it a few years ago, so it’s not my best, but I️ like it. :]

My question for You: How do you feel about old writings of yours?