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I love blogging, but sometimes I feel very unmotivated to write my posts, and lately I’ve felt like they haven’t been up to my usual standards… but what keeps me going is you all.

Thank you so much for following me throughout this journey of my life. This blog has been up since September 2016, and I can’t believe what I have been able to accomplish since then. I’ve had over 2,500 views since then, and I just hit 100 followers.

I want to send I huge thank you to all of you who follow me. You are he reason I do this. I hope that I can add a little bit of happiness to your day when you read my blog.

But above you all helping me, God has helped me the most. Without Him, I wouldn’t even be here.

God bless, y’all.

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I must apologize for my lengthy absence. I have been very busy with school and family things, work, etc. that I have not had time to catch up to my posts.School has been very busy, so keeping up with that has been a higher priority than my blogging.Also, my younger brother had a Kajukenbo Tum Pai belt test, which was all day this last Saturday. I had my ensemble piano recital, and I only had a month to prepare with my partners.I got a job as a babysitter for two little boys, 1 1/2 and 5. I love them, and they’re adorable; that’s once a week.

So! I will be trying to keep up with everything, but this explains why I haven’t been recently, and if I don’t in the future.

Thanks, y’all!

My question for You: How has your summer been?

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Doodles from 2015

I was going through old school papers and found some interesting doodles. Now, I am not a very good artist in this manner. I can take on anything with words, but when it comes to people… well, you’ll see. I went through a phase because I took a class where I was taught to make eyes, so I did that everywhere.

Those are my people. Now for some other doodles.

And then I was trying to do an outline of someone’s face.

I think it was turning out pretty well. If I had gone any further, it probably wouldn’t have gone very well.

My question for You: Do you enjoy doodling?


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The New School Year

With the new school year comes many things… for some, new teachers, classmates, classes, etc.

For me and my family, as well as most of my friends, we have the same teacher year round, but different classes, and same classmates, if you have siblings.

With High School comes different requirements, though, and over the past two years I have had to leave my comfort zone to take classes outside of my house to acquire those requirements.

On top of that, I have been a part of a homeschool co-op for as long as I can remember. There are academic, athletic, art, and literature classes there.

This fall semester, I am taking three different classes through our co-op; Multi-Media Art with Metal; Personal Finance, and I am co-teaching a Life Lessons with Jane Eyre class. I may finally put my literature knowledge to use!

Aside from the co-op, outside of the house I am taking chemistry, apologetics, Spanish 2, and piano.

My mom has been putting together our curriculum for the year, but I have yet to be informed on what I am doing in the house. The suspense intensifies!

A few of my favorite subjects have always been art, music, and English. I have been taking piano since I was ten, I have always had my hands in some form of art, and books… I just can’t get enough of them!

I will keep y’all updated on my progress through my junior year of High School!

My question for You: What were/are your favorite subjects in school?


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My Damaged Books

Unfortunately, I do have damaged books.

Sometimes, it wasn’t completely my fault, other times… well… you know.

I have a few teared pages…

The above picture is an antique copy of Little Men, and I actually bought it before knowing this page was completely torn. I do have the other half, though. 🙂

I got blood one of the pages of a book called The Shadow Throne, by Jennifer A. Nielsen. Buuut… I couldn’t find that page.

One of my books got dropped on pavement…


I actually don’t have that many, which makes me feel better!!! 😁😁😁

My question for You: If you have a damaged book, what is the most damage caused to one?


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I’m not sure why, but I feel like discussing clocks today. 🙂 🙂 🙂

In fact… I just thought of an essay I once wrote for school that had to do with clocks, I believe… let me see if I can find it…

A light flickered in the monastery and shadows danced across the walls as the monks of the Middle Ages awakened for their monastic prayers, fulfilling the obligation of Psalm 63:6, “When I remember thee upon my bed, and meditate on thee in the night watches.” But they needed a reliable way to get up each night. This led to one of the greatest inventions of all time: the medieval mechanical clock. Now clocks are everywhere, impacting society and all of life.

Have you ever wondered why inventions litter history? Or why they were invented? Maybe for who they were invented? Inventors would see a problem, and devise a solution. The monks of the Middle Ages had a problem, and needed a solution. Inventions would arise from necessity. In order to fulfill the obligation of Psalm 63:6, the monks needed a reliable way to awaken each night, but they didn’t have the solution. This necessity led to one of the greatest inventions of all time: the medieval mechanical clock. Now the monks can rely on the clock to get up each night for their prayers. Clocks drastically impacted society and all of life, and still do so.

Well… I wrote that quite a while ago. 😂

I love antique clocks. This is my own clock, which I received for my 16th birthday…

My question for You: What is your favorite type of clock?


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LOTR Characters – the Books vs. the Movies – Legolas

Click here for Part 1 of LOTR Charcters – The Books vs. The Movies, here for Part 2, and right here for Part 3.

Now… let us begin with Part 4!


As a young girl, Legolas was my favorite in LOTR. Not for the reasons you may suspect. I thought his skill with the bow and agility were amazing. Never once did I think about his good looks (in the movie)!

I soon learned that most people didn’t understand, “My favorite character is Legolas!” coming from the mouth of a 12-13 year-old girl, and that girl not actually having a crush on him.

I watched the movie with a group, and as soon as Legolas appeared in The Fellowship, all of the girls began “Ooing” and “Ahing”. I decided after that that I needed to pick a different favorite character. 😂

Please remember that all that is said is only my opinion. Please do not take offense to anything I say. If I ever state something as fact that is truly false, feel free to let me know!

Legolas in the books… I feel like he is somewhat of he comedic relief, but he also is a very serious character. In the movies, he sticks more on the serious melancholy side. I also feel like you don’t often hear a lot coming from him, and then when he says something, you’re kind of left thinking, “Wait… where did he come from?”

There a few things in the books that Legolas does that make me want to laugh out loud. For example…

  1. When they are crossing the Mines of Moria, and they are just beginning to climb the Bridge of Khazad Dûm. Legolas turns, looks into the flames of fire with his far-seeing elf eyes, and exclaims, “Oy!”
  2. When the Fellowship is climbing Caradhras, and then they decide to turn back, as the weather is too difficult to beat, Aragorn and Boromir begin drifting through the snow, shoving it aside, and having a difficult time of it. Meanwhile, Legolas jumps to his feet, and bounds over the snow with elf-like agility, hardly leaving a foot print and leaving Aragorn and Boromir behind.

Either way, I love Legolas in the Lord of the Rings Trilogy, both movies and books. It seems to me that you are almost more able to build a relationship with him in the movies, though. He is not as pivotal a character in the books… maybe.

Let me know what you think in the comments!

My question for You: Would you ever want to be an elf?