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Sunday Thoughts: Catching Up

I apologize for not posting last Sunday. The time ran away from me.

I was recovering last Sunday from going to our county fair all day on Saturday. It was a lot of fun… I went on a lot of crazy rides, had a smoothie, looked at the exhibits, etc.

We had some friends with us, so that made it enjoyable.

This past week, I’ve been trying to prepare myself for the coming of school. I am entering my Junior year of High School, and I will be taking quite a few classes outside of my home, as well as finishing up on math, english, history and such at home.

I think I will enjoy this year, but boy, will it be crazy! I am testing for my driver’s license soon, so I am preparing for that as well. Busy, busy, busy!

I am pretty excited for this coming school year, though!

My question for You: How do you prepare for something big coming up?


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Sunday Thoughts – Fighting Stress

I feel like I can’t really pin-point my discussion on this post, but I will try.

I am going to begin by talking about my personality type. I am an INFJ-T, according to the 16 Personality Types website. I am an Advocate in their grouping. I am a dreamer, and am very organized. I am also very introverted, but I can be social when I want to. I am a leader, and sometimes I literally feel pain when I am not leading a group, and acting as the follower, but that’s good for us leaders!

This past week I learned a lot about people and myself. I went to a theater day camp. It was 7 hours a day for 5 days in a row.we auditioned the first day to be cast in one of two Shakespeare shows: Macbeth and Much Ado About Nothing.

My brother and I were cast in Much Ado, and I received the role of Beatrice, my brother as Claudio. We would be performing a 30 minute version of the show on Friday, and I had roughly 2 days to memorize 42 lines.

I got to know a lot of people, and had a lot of fun! Overall, I tried to be a bit laid back when it came to taking charge over things. I let other kids do what they wanted, but then Thursday came. Part of the camp was to create a team cheer. The whole camp was split into two groups: purple team, and black team. My brother and I were in purple. The teams were supposed to create a cheer that they would perform after the shows on Friday in front of our parents. My team consisted of a lot of younger kids, and none of them would agree on an idea, so I took charge. I organized everyone’s thoughts and helped us come to a conclusion in our 15 minutes. We then had 30 minutes on Friday to finish our cheer, and no one was cooperating. We were halfway through finishing our cheer when half of the group decided it was, “Dumb, and too complicated.” I asked them if they had another idea, and they said no. Anywho, we ended up having nothing after the 30 minutes, and a lot of the team were upset and embarrassed and didn’t want to go up in stage and perform the few lines someone finally came up with.

One of the leaders of the camp pulled me aside and had a talk with me about how they were upset and if I could help encourage them.

It ended up not being too bad, but compared to the other team’s cheer,it kinda stunk, but oh well. It was a learning experience. I learned a lot about people who never want to use someone else’s idea, but never have one of their own.

The shows went well, I had my lines well memorized, and it was a blast. But very stressful at times.

My question for You: Are you a leader or a follower?


Many that live deserve death.

And some die that deserve life.

Can you give it to them?

Then be not too eager to deal out death in the name of justice, fearing for your own safety.

Even the wise cannot see all ends.”

The Two Towers, by J. R. R. Tolkien

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Quote of the Day

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Sunday Thoughts: Classics

Have you ever tired of today’s modern novels? I definitely have.

I find it very difficult to find books that I truly enjoy, and take something from them.

Looking back on the books I’ve read over the last few years, I don’t think they were necessarily the best options for me at the time.

Were they bad? Not really.

Did I learn any lessons from them? Yes.

Did I learn important lessons from them? Not necessarily.

So… where do I find books that will actually help me through life? Well, I’ve fallen on the classics.

For me, there is just a feel with classics. They’re not always better than modern books; in fact, there are definitely some amazing modern books out there. But classics… it’s hard to explain, but it just makes me a feel a bit at peace.

I am currently re-reading Jane Eyre, by Charlotte Brontë. I read it when I was younger for a class, and fell head over heels in love with it. I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to read it again.

One excuse for me to lay aside other books and pick this up is because I am co-teaching a class for the book, which will be a whole new experience for me!

I read a quote once by C. S. Lewis that said something along the lines of: “For every new book you read, read two old books.

Have a wonderful day, everyone, and God bless.

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My question for You: What is your favorite classic?