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Sunday Thoughts

June. What a crazy month.

One thing that is happening all throughout June are High School Graduations.

I still have two more years of High School to muddle through, but my older brother just graduated.

I am gonna make myself cry… again…

Okay, so yesterday was my older brother’s Graduation Ceremony (among a few of my other friends), and it was pretty emotional for me. He isn’t leaving or anything, but just the idea that he and a lot of my friends are kind of leaving me behind saddened me… and yet made me happy.

God has such great plans for the Graduates of 2017, guys! I am so excited to see what my big brother does with his life. I am stoked to see the path my friends take, and what they do in their lives to serve the Lord.

Because that is the most important part about moving on in life… you have to have your focus solely on God, or you will slip and fall, creating a trail off of the highway.

If you have/are graduating, I pray you have a good life, and I know God has big things in store for you.

God bless.

Photo credit: Paths Are Made By Walking, by Nipun Mehta

My question for You: Would you ever want to spend more time in High School, or be done with it as soon as possible?


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What To Do When You Don’t Know What To Do

  1. What to do when you fall off your bike… Pick yourself up, brush yourself off, and try, try again.
  2. What to do when you eat too much pineapple… I don’t actually know. Take some medicine?
  4. What to do when you run out of books to read… I’m sorry. Go to the library. Go to a sibling’s room and ask for a book—do not steal one—or ask your parent’s.
  5. What to do when your dog is crazy… Chase them around the room a dozen times and then hide.
  6. What to do when you lose your headphones/earbuds… Blast your music until someone tells you to put on headphones. You reply, “But I lost mine,” and they will give you theirs.
  7. What to do when you can’t sleep… Read a book in bed; Run around the house; Do twenty push ups and fifty jumping jacks; Lay in bed staring up at the ceiling and you will eventually pass out.
  8. What to do when you are reading something boring… You should probably stop reading the boring something and read an interesting something, because when you read something boring you will read all the words but retain no information as the topic does not interest you, so read something that you will actually remember. Please.
  9. What to do when you forget to get your family member a gift for their birthday… You’re on your own for this one.
  10. What to do when you don’t know what to do… Learn how to do the thing you don’t know how to do, or come to my blog, where a sixteen year-old will give you advice!

That was… fun. Hope you liked it!

My question for You: Have you ever been in the situation where you were supposed to do something, but forgot, but you still had to push through? What happened?


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Sunday Thoughts

Hello, all! I am starting a new series on my blog called Sunday Thoughts. The idea is that I will be discussing something that has been on my mind over the last week, and giving it a spiritual twist. I hope that through this series you are inspired, or given something to think about.

Let us begin!

At my job, I typically work in a kitchen. In that kitchen, we have a radio that plays music from some station that doesn’t always play wholesome music. I can hardly hear the words in the songs, unless I try really hard, because as you may be able to guess, a kitchen in the food industry can be loud.

Sometimes I will hear a tune or melody that is similar to a song I know, and often times a Christian song I have sung in church or at my homeschool co-op will pop into my head.

The other day, the lyrics that came into my head were:

Be excellent in what is good.

Be innocent of evil.

These lyrics are from a song that I used to sing at my homeschool co-op. It has a fun tune, and was mostly meant for the younger kids. But when you have the same lyrics running over and over in your mind, you kinda stop and think about it more than when you probably did when you sang the song.

There are windows above the sink in the kitchen, and I love to stare out at the neighboring rooftops (the tea-house I work at is settles in a neighborhood) and daydream. I have to make sure I don’t fall too deep into my day dream, or I miss things my co-worker’s say to me. 😄

I was thinking about those simple lyrics, and it really made me pause. How often do we find pleasure in things that God may not approve of? Do we seek out activities that would please God daily, or just every so often, opting for things that we want to do instead?

We need to be the best we can in the things that are good, wholesome, and that we know the Lord would approve of. Not things that we know we approve of, and God may be fine with it.

We need to have a child-like innocence in all things that are evil and wicked.

The song continues with—

The God of peace will soon crush Satan.

God will crush him underneath of His feet.

Doesn’t it give you comfort to know that God will crush Satan, burying him beneath His feet? That will be a day of rejoicing!

Thank you all for taking time out of your Sunday to read my thoughts. I pray you are all well, and if you have any thoughts, please leave a comment!

Photo credit: Christopher Tkaczyk at Travel + Liesure

My question for You: Are there any songs you sang in your childhood at church or any other place that were a little silly, but had a deep meaning behind them?


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LOTR Characters – The Books vs. The Movies – Aragorn

Click here to see Part 1 and click here to see Part 2 of LOTR Characters – The Books vs. The Movies.


I personally love Viggo Mortenson’s way of bringing out Aragorn’s character. I suppose it could become better, but I wouldn’t want to replace him with anyone else.

In the book, Aragorn is the silent type, often drawing into his ranger self, and then suddenly evolving into the mighty king that he is!

In the movie, he is very much similar. There are a few things that happen differently, but I almost feel like I can’t discuss them properly, as I need to completely refresh my mind with the books (I have only just finished The Fellowship).

Aragorn is a rough weather worn man, typically keeping to himself in his travels. But beneath all of that, he is very caring, and a loyal friend.

What are your views of Aragorn—in the books or the movies?

My question for You: If you could choose when you wanted to die, would you? Or would you rather let time play out as it should?