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I’m taking a photography class, so I’m gonna share with y’all some of the photos I have taken this week! (Most with my phone)

My question for You: Do you enjoy photography, and if so, what is your favorite type of photography?


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– What I am Doing for School –

I just recently finished one of my school subjects and am nearing the end of another, so I feel very proud of myself.

This post is just a summary of the things I have been studying since the beginning of this school year, and more that I will be adding on soon.

For starters, I began a chemistry class at a nearby Homeschooling Resource Center. It has definitely been helpful keeping me accountable to do my reading/studying.

Also at the Resource Center, I took an Apologetics course, studying Christianity and how to explain to others what I believe. Along the way, I read a book by Timothy Keller titled The Reason for God, wrote a book report on same said book and gave a speech on what I learned and my reasons for why God exists. This class was a huge help for me in my faith. I now know how to battle arguments against God, and how to explain why I believe what I do.

Outside of the Resource Center and my home, I continued piano lessons with my aunt as I have done for many years. I have learned a great deal, and have been given the opportunity to perform some amazing pieces at recitals.

I have also been taking my second year of Spanish with one of the most amazing teachers besides my mom. I absolutely love languages, so this class has been a favorite.

At home I have been studying the following subjects:

  • Geography

  • Vocabulary

  • Algebra 2

  • Psychology (which I finished last week!)

  • History

I have had two more classes begin this week, as Apologetics and Psychology are over, and they are both at the Resource Center. They include Photography and Story Writing!!! I am super excited to see where these take me. 🙂

These are my notes and curriculum for Psychology.  🙂

My question for You: Do you prefer to be super busy, or have a lot of free time?


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An Excerpt from Under the Lilacs

I was reading a book titled Under the Lilacs, by Louisa May Alcott, and read a short story told by one of the main characters that left me feeling so sad I wanted to cry.

Because of my reaction, I am going to share it with you!

It’s such a sweet, sad and simple story, I wanted to share it with y’all. 🙂

My question for You: What do you think of this story, and have you ever heard something similar?