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My amazing friend did another illustration for me… oh, I am so happy!

She said it wasn’t very good, and then I looked at it. It is beautiful!


  • 5’ 11” – big & muscled person w/ scar on left bicep
  • 17-18 y-o
  • Hazel eyes
  • Small nose – like Lewellyn
  • Oval face – like Lewellyn
  • Stern – except when making fun of people
  • Brown hair – messy but not crazy

This character is from the same story as the last illustration she did here. He is the brother of that girl, so there a few similarities between them. 😊

This guy in my story actually has super strength… in this story, there is a group of people who have select powers. Lewellyn is their leader, and she is more gifted than the rest of them, and Brandon doesn’t like her a whole lot.

This is a sketch my friend did of the guy—Brandon—doing Form 1 from our Martial Arts school. This stance is called Crouching Tiger. 🙂 Pretty cool, huh?

Getting illustrations for this story helps push me to write even more!!!

My question for You: If you or someone you knew were to draw a picture of your favorite character, which character would that be (movie, TV show, book, etc.)?


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Sunday Thoughts

Hey guys!

I am seriously a crazy person. I set these crazy goals for myself AND FOLLOW THROUGH WITH THEM!!!

About three months ago (about. Pfff… Exactly three months ago), I decided that I was watching too much YouTube and listening to too much of my favorite audio dram called Adventures in Odyssey.
I got to the point to where I could not for the life of me sleep without listening to Adventures in Odyssey. I would play an episode in bed and it would help me fall asleep. But when I didn’t play it, I just couldn’t sleep! So… I decided to not listen to AIO for THREE MONTHS.

I also decided to not watch YouTube for a month.

And I decided not to initiate any conversations with my cousin for a week, making her do the work to reach me and giving her some time away from me, as we write stories together and I tend to annoy her sometimes. (Sorry, cuz, if you’re reading this). 😂

Apparently I like setting huge goals for myself!

Today is my three month mark, and I am beginning at the very beginning of AIO, going from the first to the last episode (I have the special Adventures in Odyssey Club). I was so happy I cried for joy! I haven’t heard the wonderful voices of Katie Leigh and Hal Smith and Will Ryan and, and, and… 💥

Anywho, I have learned that it is good to take time off of things. It helps you to be able to focus on more important things like spending time with family, reading God’s word, etc. etc.

I am glad to re-immerse myself in AIO, but I am glad that I took time off—I proved to myself that I could do it.

Photo credit: Oak Grove Assembly

My question for You: Have you ever taken lots of time off of something like this?


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Books, & Books, & More Books!

I decided to stack my books into a wall and take a bunch of awesome pictures.

But instead of just stacking every single book, I stacked them by colors!!!

Here is the stack of red/pink books.
My red/pink books include many Janette Oke novels, Little Men, Little House books, C. S. Lewis, Tolkien, Jennifer A. Nielsen, and books from the Swipe Series.

Here are the browns.
I didn’t have many brown books, but most of the ones I do have are Tolkien books. We also have Prisoners of the Sea, To Kill a Mockingbird, The Art of War, and some Little House books.

All of the yellow/orange books.
Most of my yellow books are Nancy Drew mysteries. Other than that, there are a few Janette Oke books, Little House books, Lisa T. Bergen books, and Jennifer A. Nielsen books.

The few green books.
In this lovely stack of green books I have four Little House books, a Tolkien Atlas, a C. S. Lewis books, a Janette Oke book,  and a book from Lisa T. Bergren’s River of Time Series.

Wonderful blue books!
Boue is my favorite color, and this is probably my favorite stack! We have some  classics, including: Sense and Sensibilty, The Orphan Queen, Jo’s Boys, Under the Lilacs, and Eight Cousins. There are also a few C. S. Lewis books, Little House books, Janette Oke books, and Jennifer A. Nielsen books.

Who doesn’t love these purple books?
Purple! C. S. Lewis, Janette Oke, Charlotte Brontë, Evan Angler, and Mark Cahill! All such amazing books!

Blacks & whites.
And here we have come to our last section, blacks and whites. We’ve got The River of Time Series, Janette Oke, Priceless, Nancy Drew, and C. S. Lewis!

Well… I hope this has inspired you to go make your own wall of books!!!

My question for You: How many books do you think you own? Which are you favorite?


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Sunday Thoughts

June. What a crazy month.

One thing that is happening all throughout June are High School Graduations.

I still have two more years of High School to muddle through, but my older brother just graduated.

I am gonna make myself cry… again…

Okay, so yesterday was my older brother’s Graduation Ceremony (among a few of my other friends), and it was pretty emotional for me. He isn’t leaving or anything, but just the idea that he and a lot of my friends are kind of leaving me behind saddened me… and yet made me happy.

God has such great plans for the Graduates of 2017, guys! I am so excited to see what my big brother does with his life. I am stoked to see the path my friends take, and what they do in their lives to serve the Lord.

Because that is the most important part about moving on in life… you have to have your focus solely on God, or you will slip and fall, creating a trail off of the highway.

If you have/are graduating, I pray you have a good life, and I know God has big things in store for you.

God bless.

Photo credit: Paths Are Made By Walking, by Nipun Mehta

My question for You: Would you ever want to spend more time in High School, or be done with it as soon as possible?